Machining Process

All of our products are machined from solid bars of aerospace grade aluminum right here in the United States. This method ensures that our housings are extremely durable. All parts are inspected to be precise down a 1/1000 of an inch every step of the way.

Stages of a light.jpg

Finishing Touches

All parts are anodized after machining. This process forms a layer of aluminum oxide that protects the aluminum beneath it. Not only does this give the product it's color, but also makes it abrasion resistant and harder.

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Finished Product

This process is one of the factors that makes our flashlights unique compared to other brands. We design, build, and manufacture all of our housings here in Cleveland, Ohio. This allows us to keep manufacturing costs low and our retail price lower than comparable lights. By managing every step of the way, we ensure the highest quality products. Our lights are the best in its class in price and quality.