As a professional diver for over 22 years, I've used a lot of types of underwater flashlights. Kraken Manufacturing by far has withstood all the abuse that the commercial diving environment throws at it. No other light, even hardwired lights have gone through. In my opinion it’s the best the market has to offer. Not only tough but the versatility, Its endless.

Joel Frazier

Diver Operations Manager

Underwater Marine Contractors

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As a submarine technician, professional scuba instructor, dive shop manager, and now the Founder of Dive Curacao, I have been in and around the water for a very long time. So when it comes to underwater equipment, I am very particular.  I only dive with the best which is why I love my Kraken Torch.  It makes my night dives a lot more enjoyable. The bright light made the marine life more visible and the extremely wide beam illuminated everything around me. The rechargeable batteries are also very convenient and easy to use. Overall great light for diving and extremely durable and long lasting.


Bryan S. Horne

Owner & Founder – Dive Curacao

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For over 20 years I have been a Licensed, practicing civil engineer and land surveyor for the Bramhall Engineering and Surveying Company. My job can be very hectic and demanding at times. On and off site, I use the Kraken Torch due to its ease of use and durability. No matter what environment, I can rely on the Kraken to get the job done. As an addition I occasionally use the Kraken Torch in conjunction with the Sena Camera for inspections and other various tasks. This light is not for the average person. It's not cheap and there's a reason for that. The design is very well thought out, it's extremely versatile, and it's virtually indestructible.

Mike Bramhall

Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor P.E., P.S., CPESC

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